How to take the “What’s My Color?” Quiz:

Read the directions for each question and choose the appropriate response(s). Try not to over think your answers. Each response should come from your gut. Relax and have fun!

Which of the following color schemes most accurately reflects a room you would feel most comfortable in? Try not to confuse color with design style. Choose One. To find your design style click on “What’s My Style?

If you were granted two wishes, which of the following would you wish to enhance in your life?

When looking at images, they often stimulate an experience from memory or imagination. Which image visually appeals to you most? Choose one.

Images often evoke a sense of smell from memory. Which of the following selections appeals to you the most? Choose one.

From the following menu choose the image that most appeals to your sense of taste. Select one.

Each of the following images invites the sense of touch. Choose the one that appeals most to you.

Your Results

While you may not agree with each trait attributed to your color, you will undoubtedly find similarities that resonate with your personality. Although you may be dominant in one color, often times this hue will be intertwined with other colors. Together they create a true representation of an environment you are most comfortable in. Incorporating your color dominance into your design scheme will personalize your environment and accurately reflect the inner you.


Blue personalities seek to live a peaceful lifestyle. You are a genuine soul who takes responsibility seriously. Blue is the color of water and sky. You are trustworthy, and refrain from acting on impulse. Your design preferences are reflected through your calm nature and appreciation for the classic.


Green is the color of rejuvenation. You are a tranquil, down to earth individual with a love for nature. You satisfy a harmonious lifestyle with your need to be loved and be social. You are intelligent, you love to learn, and you appreciate the well-being of the common good.


Yellow is the light of the room. You are a joyous person who believes in strength and independence. You problem solve with intellect, and remain cheerful in times of controversy. You are a strong communicator, and thrive with your optimistic mindset.


You are a friendly, good natured person, who exercises creativity with passion. You are a free spirit who is both warm and social. Orange personalities are those that thrive on optimism. Orange is the color of fire; a symbol of stimulation and adventure. You prefer designs that are vivacious and alive.


You are a born romantic. You have an insatiable need to love and be loved unconditionally. You are kind, friendly, and approachable. You are sensitive to others' needs, and are in touch with your paternal instincts. Your compassion and your positive outlook on life emit the soft and serene energy of rose and pink designs.


You are confident and thrive as the center of attention. Your boundless energy allows you to create innovative ideas that stand out in a crowd. You are ambitious and competitive, and are unafraid to pursue your deepest desires. You are a hard worker who does not procrastinate. Your need for physical achievement is reflected in the colorful and lighthearted designs associated with red personalities.


Purple is the color of support and understanding. Your sense of adventure and spiritual connection inspire creativity and imagination. You're naturally intuitive and overtly mysterious. Purple personalities reflect balance and serenity in their design schemes.


You are honest, wholesome, and down-to-earth. You enjoy physical comforts and live a subtle lifestyle. You value security in your life, and you boast a strong moral fiber. You have a keen sense of duty, and understand what it takes to fulfill responsibility. Your design preferences lean towards neutral color schemes accented with earthen tones.


White personalities reflect neatness, cleanliness, and order. The color white symbolizes purity, and while you can often be discreet, you are also both cunning and wise. Your attention to detail and appreciation for elegance promote your keen sense of style. You appreciate negative space in design, and hold high standards when it comes to the quality of design.

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