A Room of Your Own: How to Personalize Your Space

DO consider your own personal style of living: Form & Function must come together.

DON’T listen to what your “Best Friend,” Mother, or Sister thinks how you should decorate your home. You are the only one who knows what is important to you.

DO consider a realistic budget. Put a budget together that reflects the project (large or small) that you have in mind. Plan to budget an extra 10-30% for “Must Haves” you might want to consider later.

DON’T think your designer is clairvoyant and knows what you have in min. This includes your budget. Your designer is there to help you achieve your goals and to facilitate your “dreams” to come true. If you do not communicate honestly with her/him, they will not be able to act as your advocate or in your best interest. Do not tell the designer, “Well, I want you to tell me how much it will cost.” You may have a limited budget so communicate to your designer that you have champagne taste. You will then waste their time, your time and money, and there will be no winners.

DO seek professional help when possible. It is often overwhelming, confusing, and stressful when planning a decorating project. A fresh eye and an experienced designer is there to help you. A good designer is there to facilitate your decorating project into becoming a reality. They will also help you not to make costly mistakes by putting a design scheme and a plan together. As stated above, a good designer works as YOUR advocate.

DON’T just pick a designer out of a hat; interview at least two or three, and make sure you have a connection with a designer that you feel you can work with, and communication is key. Do you feel your designer is listening to you?

DO consider your color palette. Fabrics are the perfect way to blend your palette. Be careful: do not go overboard. It is best to choose three colors that will harmonize and will represent you. Do you have colors you are naturally drawn to? Open up your closet – is there a theme you are able to notice?

DON’T decide you are all of a sudden going to change your personality and take the risk of changing your entire color palette and/or style. You can taker a simple risk with accents that can easily be changed later if you get tired of them.

DO surround yourself with the things you love! If you are out in your travels and see an item you just have to have…don’t hesitate: buy it! You may have a collection of antiques, plates, jars, pitchers, line rocks, shells, silver, things that are blue, pictures of family, etc. You may love the garden and wish to have your home filled with botanicals. Is art one of your true loves? Fill your space with these things. These items will rejuvenate you and will give your space a sense of comfort and joy.

DON’T just jump in without any ideas of what you want to accomplish. Take a little time to plan. Seek professional help. Research. Cut out pictures from magazines that you like. Organize your thoughts. Delight in the experience of creating a wonderful space for yourself that is truly your own.

Botanical accent pieces can be the ultimate accessories to personalize your space. Permanent florals, plants, trees, perennial collections, pillows, accents and even window treatments can quickly pull a room together to add the finishing touches on personalizing your space.